We are working closely with our Cruise Line Partners. They continually assess upcoming cruises and if they have any guidance on how you may be affected they post updates on their websites. Links to travel advice while the outbreak of Covid-19 continues  are below.

All cruise lines actively ensure the safety of passengers. Customers will not be taken to destinations that the UK Foreign Office advises against. Ships have well established practices to prevent the spreading of illnesses. There will however be some additional steps taken prior to letting passengers board ships. These steps can be updated at any time latest updates will be posted on their websites.

Due to the high volume of calls our Customer Support Team are extremely busy with the high demand of passengers trying to get in touch. We are actively contacting passengers, with the priority for those who are currently abroad and require repatriation. In the meantime, if you do need to contact us, please email customersupport@infinitycruises.co.uk . Thank you for your patience, our number one priority is to safeguard our passengers during this constantly changing time.

UK Government Advice

For country-specific advice, please see the UK Government’s information here >>


Links To Individual Cruise Lines Travel Updates (Covid-19)